Gabby’s Fuzzy Friends: A Tale of Sheepish Adventures

We had an amazing day trip to Kilkenny and Wicklow today! Our first stop was Kilkenny, where we started by wandering around Kilkenny Castle. We grabbed some coffee then strolled through the town until we reached the Tower. The man told us it’s the oldest tower in the city, which made me a bit nervous when we climbed it, but the view from the top was totally worth it!

Once we got to Wicklow, we explored a historic graveyard and walked along the river. I saw an adorable dog playing in the water. Our last stop was a sheep farm in Glendalough. We got to see Border Collies herding the sheep and the farmer explained how he trains the dogs and shared the year-round schedule for grazing on the mountain. He’s the fourth generation in his family doing this job, and he talked about it with so much love. You can tell he’s absolutely passionate about what he does.

It was interesting to compare the farmer’s life to the urban setting in Dublin. The farmers just focus on doing their job right for a successful season, while the pubs in Dublin have to worry much more about marketing to attract tourists and locals. We saw lots of entrepreneurship today, such as how the farmer’s brother started his own sheep farm and all of the small businesses we saw in the food court and gift shop area.

It was such a fun day, and I got to experience things I’d only dreamed about before!

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