Greek Gods Galore

Another beautiful day! After breakfast, we went back on our bus to head over to Aphrodite’s rock. It was over in Paphos and I really didn’t know what to expect. We walked through these stairs and tunnels and below it revealed a beautiful beach. There were beaches almost on two sides featuring the rock in the center creating the divide. It was stunning and we stayed for a while collecting rocks and taking pictures. Because it was a rocky beach the waves sounded amazing as the water rolled back in over them. This beach also differed from all of the ones we had been to previously as it was very rocky yet warmer down on the beach. It also was a very touristy area on the beach compared to the others. As we left many people had written their names on rocks and left one so we did the same for our group writing pitt was here which was very cute. 

We then headed over to the Tomb of the Kings where we learned about how the rich compared to the poor were buried. The tombs were created out of one rock which is crazy based on how intricate they all were and how structurally sound they all were. We got to go into many tombs and hear of the differing ways of burials for the upper and lower classes.

We then headed into Paphos for lunch where there were many restaurants along the sea. There also was a pelican who is local to the area named Gogo who they rescued and nursed him back to health and he did not want to leave. This is not the original pelican but it was still very funny and cool. We ate at this seafood place which was very delicious before doing a little bit of shopping.

Afterward we headed to see the mansion of mosaics. It was so interesting to see the evolution of the intricate mosaics. They were excavated and they are still finding more to this day. It also was very large and most were virtually still completely intact. It was awesome to explore.

After finishing up here we headed back to Limassol where we got some dinner and had a chill night. My last day at UNIC is tomorrow!

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