Presentation Day!!!

Today was presentation day. For the first time during this whole trip, we finally got to sleep in. I slept in till nine in the morning which was amazing. I got breakfast at the hotel and tried the Belgian waffle machine. Their waffles are a lot better than the eatery’s. After that I made some note cards for my presentation, and then I met the rest of my team in the Hotel’s lobby.

Once we had everyone, we headed to the tram stop. We got on the correct tram and made it to the university without getting lost. Once we got to the university, we met up with the German students in our group and went to their cafeteria. At the cafeteria we did a practice run of our presentation, and it went really well. The we hung out at the University’s campus until it was time for presentations.

When it was finally time for presentations, we ended up being the last group. Every group before us did a really good job. Our presentation went really well, and I thought our answers to the questions at the end were also good. Most people went back to the hotel, but I went with Andrew and Ryan to the brewery we went to on the second day to get souvenirs for my family. After that it was time for the last dinner with everyone.

The diner was in the old wine cellar in city hall. It was really old and a really nice last dinner. It was great to see everyone all in one place. I had my last spätzle of the trip which was amazing as always. They also had some good flatbreads that they brought out beforehand. After that w headed back to the hotel to get ready for our free day tomorrow.

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