A Day in Saltzburg


Today was our free day so I went with most of the group to Saltzburg Austria!!! We headed out early for the day at 7am. We got our train tickets for the day and boarded the train. Our first train was to Munich. Then we got on the next train to Saltzburg, and it was a packed train. Although the train was paced looking out the window was beautiful; especially as we got to the Alps. The train ride was about two hours and a haft, but it went by quickly. Once we go there, we still had to walk a little from the train station to the old city of Saltsburg. As we were walking there you could see the fortress on the hill with the alps in the background.

As we were walking to the old city, we walked past an ice cream store so obviously we had to get some. Then we went to an old palace that had a lovely garden. In the garden was the world’s oldest dwarf statue garden. After that we continued to the old city. Once we got away from the train station it was clear that we were in a different country as the architecture was quite different than in Germany. On our way to the old city, we got some kabobs for lunch. I got a falafel one and it was really good.

After that we crossed the bridge into the old city. When we got there was this Austrian dessert called Mozart’s chocolate everywhere. Tim and Brian had to explain it to us because I had never heard of it before. Mozart’s Choclate is like a fancy chocolate in Austria based off of Mozart. The old city was beautiful and we although that it reminded us of Diagon Ally. Everything seemed very big in Saltzburg. The church, fountain, and town square were all huge.

After we explored the city a little we went up to the castle as that’s what all of us were excited for. We to a funicular ride up to the castle and the view at the top was breathtaking. It wasn’t just one view though, every time you moved around the side of the fortress there was another stunning view. It was by far the best view of the trip. We walked around the fortress for hours, and it never got old. We climbed a tower, lifted up cannon balls, and went through tunnels.

After the fortress we went back down to the old city and crossed the river to get dinner. We went to an Italian place and the water was free. I got some ravioli that was amazing. After dinner went back to the train station and went back to Augsburg.

Choosing Salzburg was such a good decision, it was cool to see the differences between Germany and Austria even though they are so close to each other. The train ride wasn’t horrible and the view at the top was stunning. We also were standing on a 1000-year-old fortress which is crazy. Being there seeing how people used to live always fascinates me. It was a great last day to a great trip.

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