Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

After relaxing for a few weeks post-Germany, I realize how grateful I am for this trip to have happened. Studying abroad in Augsburg, Germany for two weeks was an incredible experience that surpassed all my expectations. Not only did I get the chance to immerse myself in a new culture, but I also had the privilege of collaborating with students from both the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Augsburg. I am immensely grateful to the University of Pittsburgh for granting me this opportunity to study abroad with such an amazing group of students. Learning from the german students and seeing the difference in how they were taught to create presentations was interesting as well.

Visiting companies like Audi, Hoerbiger, Forvia Faurecia, and Grob was such a cool experience during my time in Germany. As a first-year, I didn’t think I would get the chance to peek behind the scenes of these automotive giants and witness firsthand how they are adapting to the future of the industry. With the transition to electric vehicles gaining momentum, it was fascinating to see how these companies are changing their production processes, developing cutting-edge technologies, and revolutionizing the way we think about transportation. From touring the innovative assembly lines to learning about their sustainable practices, it was clear that these companies are at the forefront of driving change in the automobile industry (some more than others). It was inspiring to witness their commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future.

One of the highlights of my time in Augsburg was the opportunity to explore the stunning German landscapes. From the vibrant city of Munich to the breathtaking beauty of the Alps and the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle, every destination left me in awe. The picturesque views and charming architecture offered a glimpse into Germany’s rich history and culture. Each day felt like an adventure as we soaked in the sights and sounds of these remarkable places.

To my delight, our free day happened to coincide with a Harry Styles concert in Germany. Being able to travel alone and navigate the public transportation was scary, but definitely cool to experience. Harry Styles definitely made the last day even more memorable.The energy, music, and the excitement with all the Harry fans created an atmosphere that was so amazing (I don’t even know how else to word it). It was the perfect way to conclude our journey, filled with unforgettable memories.

Railroad Tracks in the heart of Augsburg (public transportation is so vital!)

Throughout the trip, our group had the immense privilege of being guided by Lawrence Feick, Claire Dawkins, Niko, and Elisabeth, who provided invaluable support and introduced us to the German culture. Their expertise, warmth, and dedication ensured that we had an authentic and educational experience. From introducing us to local customs and traditions to helping us navigate the language, they played an essential role in making our time in Augsburg unforgettable.

This trip was an extraordinary experience that not only expanded my knowledge but also left a lasting impact on my personal growth. I will never regret this trip, and I know every single person on that trip has a special place in my heart. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, embrace new perspectives, and forge lifelong connections with fellow students. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to explore Germany’s beautiful cities, delve into its rich history, learn about the differences in cultures between America and Germany.

Thank you for following my journey… hopefully talk soon!

Kaylee Uribe

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