Tag Elf – The Final Company Presentations


Guten Tag! Leider, I’m feeling worse than yesterday, and of course it happens on the most important day of the trip: the day of the final company presentations. At around 2 pm today, I, along with the rest of my group, will be discussing Hoerbiger, its expected challenges, and how it’s adapting to the auto industry, concluding with an overall outlook. Over the course of the trip, my group and I have worked on our presentation behind the scenes, and we’re planning on meeting up to do a run-through, along with adding the finishing touches. We met at the University of Augsburg at around 11, and did a run through in one the library’s private rooms. My part would be discussing how Hoerbiger conducted its research and development, along with parts of the PESTLE analysis, two areas that I found interesting.

After our presentation, we stopped at the cafeteria, called Mensa, yet again for a lunch. I ended up not eating much, as it was vegan day for the food. Once we finished lunch, it was almost 2, so we hurried to the Business school to start our presentations. I still wasn’t feeling well, despite having just ate, so I got permission to leave early. Luckily for me, Hoerbiger was the first group to present. In short, we concluded that while Hoerbiger was more than ready to adapt to industry trends in other industries, it did not have or offer the support for it’s automobile industry to make the shift. Since the automotive industry makes up over 30% of their share, this will be problematic for them if they cannot adapt, especially in the short run. Despite not feeling the best, I’d like to think that I did a good job with my parts and answering any questions relating to it. Furthermore, I believe our presentation was strong overall. Once my group was done, I returned back to the hotel, where, like the day before, I called it a day. I wish that I was feeling better so I could have stayed for the other presentations, which I heard from friends were all really good.

Today is my last day at Augsburg, as tomorrow, on our free day, I will be leaving the group to stay with my friend in Stuttgart, which is about an hour and a half by ICE from Augsburg. My friend, Rebecca, and I have talked nearly every week for almost three years, practicing English and German respectively. Last summer, she actually stayed with me for two weeks, as I took her all over the East Coast. Tomorrow is a holiday, so she has the entire week off, which is the norm in Germany. I will be staying there until Saturday, where I will take the ICE back to Munich, where I’ll fly out of on Sunday. I can’t wait to see Rebecca again and visit Stuttgart for the first time! Bis morgen!

German Words Used:

Guten Tag = Good day

Leider = Unfortunately

Bis morgen = Until tomorrow

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