Testing, Testing, 1, 2,3….

Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my blog.  I am extremely excited to be making a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam this summer as a part of Pitt’s Plus3 study abroad program.  Please follow along with me on my journey by checking into my blog.

I am a College of Business Administration student majoring in Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a Minor in Spanish.  I am originally from an hour north of Philly in a town called Doylestown which is in Bucks County.  I have been interested in Vietnam since childhood when a family friend went to Vietnam with Catholic Relief Services and ended up writing a children’s novel called Ten Mice for Tet. She brought us rice patty hats, a tapestry weaving, a copy of her book, and told stories about her experiences.  Now, she says Vietnam has changed. I would like to see it before it changes even more.  Also, I love traveling.  As an extroverted person, I enjoy meeting people and being exposed to the unknown.  I specifically selected Vietnam because I feel compelled to visit this exotic Asian culture and country. Lastly, I believe learning from Vietnamese businesses in Ho Chi Minh will be interesting, educational, and perhaps applicable to emerging start-ups in America or internationally at some point.

I cannot wait to share my daily experiences with you all and create a diary for myself.

Tạm biệt ngay bây giờ

(Goodbye for now!)

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