30 days, 20 hours, 53 minutes and approximately 36 seconds until I enter Ho Chi Minh City….


Hi guys! My name is Janet Canady and I am beyond excited for this trip. I currently attend the University of Pittsburgh as part of the Swanson School of Engineering. I plan on majoring in Bioengineering and double minoring in Industrial Engineering and French. I’m from New Kensington, Pennsylvania, about 35 minutes from main campus (or 20 if you drive like I do).

The cool thing about Plus3 is its unique curriculum and the location choices. I still remember how I felt when looking at the locations for the first time. When I saw the countries available, my pupils immediately dilated at the words COSTA RICA written on the information screen. I have to admit the thought of getting college credit for wearing a bikini for 7 days seemed enticing, but then I gave it some thought and decided to look at the more obscure options aligning with my college resolution to get as many unique experiences as possible. VIETNAM appeared on the screen in a much duller fashion but instead of invoking thoughts of beaches, it put curiosity in my head. I had heard nothing good about the country, but when I thought further about it, I really hadn’t heard much at all. After doing my research and coming to the conclusion that this would be one of the easiest ways to explore such an obscure place, I chose Vietnam as my Plus3 location. Choosing the Plus3 program itself wasn’t nearly as thought out a choice. I was told I’d learn about international business, get college credit, and experience my major in an international context. It was just meant for me.

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