Almost in Augsburg!

Hey! My name is Nikki Messina, and I’m a freshman in the College of Business Administration. I’m pursuing a major in Finance with a minor in Economics and a certificate in Business Analytics. I’m from northern New Jersey (home of the best pizza, bagels, diners, and disco fries!) and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. On a side note, if you ever happen find yourself in New Jersey stop by any bagel shop and order a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese. You’ll thank me later! One fun fact I always like to share is that I am a triplet (three girls… no we don’t look alike) and while both of my sisters went to southern schools, I decided to stay up north here at Pitt! I love to travel and have previously spent time (not nearly enough though) in Costa Rica, Italy, France, and Spain. So, obviously, I can’t wait to spend two weeks in Germany and explore new places, make new friends, learn about a new culture, and try new foods!

I am ecstatic to learn more about the culture and business practices of the automotive industry in Germany and expand my knowledge in business fields such as supply chain management. I am also curious to hear more about the interactions between and flow of the many companies that compromise this global industry. Okay! All that’s left to do is get through finals week, and then I am almost in Augsburg!

Check back in a few weeks!


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