Gearing up for Germany!

And the blogging begins! I’m Sarah Broughton, a student in the College of Business Administration, pursuing majors in Supply Chain Management and Global Management and a minor in French. As of now, my German vocabulary consists of “Lederhosen” and “Guten Tag”, so I hope to expand that as well as my knowledge of the automobile industry. May 6th could not get here soon enough, for I am eager to explore Augsburg and eat German food! I’m from Libertyville, Illinois (40 minutes north of Chicago), so we’ll see if German sausage can take on a Chicago-style hot dog (I bet it can).

I plan to study abroad in the future, so the Plus3 program seems like a great place to start. I chose Germany, for it is relevant to my major and I’m fascinated by Europe and the history and culture that lies there. When I’m not daydreaming about my upcoming trip, I enjoy running. 

Stay tuned, for there’s more to come!


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