Plus3 Country #2 in Sustainability

Sustainability has become a very important topic in the past couple years. One country not ignoring all the buzz is Costa Rica. They are ranked second in the world for environmental sustainability, only behind Switzerland. One of Costa Rica’s largest initiatives contributing to their sustainability is the use of renewable energy in many different forms. Solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power are some examples, to name a few. For a quarter of 2015, ALL of their electricity was from renewable energy, and in 2021, Costa Rica has made a goal to be completely carbon neutral. They would be the first nation to do so.

Additionally, Costa Rica cares a lot about conserving nature and wildlife. This is where our topic, coffee, comes into play. I found one source specifically mentioning a farm called Doka Estate Coffee. When growing coffee, not only can you keep trees around the farm, but you should. Coffee beans benefit from the shade given by the trees. By not cutting down the trees, there is more oxygen and less carbon dioxide in the air. These trees also provide a habitat for wildlife. Doka Estate Coffee also focuses on not using harmful pesticides, seemingly tackling the sustainability issue from all angles while producing great coffee.

Outside of the coffee industry, Costa Rica is also making a conscious effort to save their forests and oceans. In the past 25 years, forest cover has doubled and 30% of their forests are now nature reserves. In 2011, they also created a marine protected area larger than Yellowstone National Park. In order to preserve the wildlife along with the forests and oceans, recreational hunting has been illegal since 2012.

A country that is so sustainable is cool to me. Before I did any research, I did not know Costa Rica was that environmentally sustainable. After reading all about what they do to help the environment, I definitely think of Costa Rica as a much cooler and respectable country than I previously did. I’m sure many people would agree with me as well, as a large part of Costa Rica’s economy is tourism. Known as ecotourism, many people travel to Costa Rica just to experience their environmentally friendly atmosphere and see how they do it. Once we get to Costa Rica, I will be paying close attention to how they are so environmentally sustainable, as they must do things much differently than us in the United States, ranked 87th in environmental sustainability.



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