Great day at the Great Wall

Today was out first full day in China. We got off to a great start with an unexpectedly delicious breakfast from the hotel consisting of dumplings, eggs, tea, and many other foods. After breakfast we departed for the Great Wall of China. On the way there we were educated on the rich history of the Chinese culture and the Great Wall itself. Close to the Great Wall area, we stopped for lunch and were served many different dishes to be shared by the table. Everything at the restaurant was wonderful, especially the beef. When we finally arrived at the Great Wall, we were met with a step climbing adventure none of us were expecting (74 flights according to my phone). The painful and sweaty journey up the steps was a rewarding one when we finally made it on top of the Great Wall. The views of the surrounding mountains were stunning and the sight of the iconic Great Wall was truly phenomenal. Our time on the Great Wall was spent taking in the surroundings and, of course, many stops for photos. Two hours and countless pictures later, we were ready to make our way off the wall and back down the hill. Fortunately, we did not have to walk back down the hill as we took a toboggan on a slide back to the bus area. Upon returning to the hotel, we ate at Hot Pot (similar to the Melting Pot except much cheaper) and were served more food than we knew what to do with. The meal combined with the hours of walking made for an extremely tiring day. One I will surely never forget.

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