Another “Exhausting” Day in Germany

Ever since I was young I was fascinated by high end performance cars. The sleek design and loud engines grabbed my attention and called to me. I was amazed by the precision, speed, and power of super cars and I never dreamed I could own one or crazier yet, help create one. Now that I am studying to be an engineer I feel I am one step closer to achieving such a dream, and aiding in the design and manufacture of the super cars of the future. Faurecia is a global company that produces interiors, emission control systems, and seating for the automotive industry. Needless to say I was giddy at the thought of getting a glimpse behind the scenes at the production of cars and the businesses that sell to the industry. I was intrigued by everything that was presented by the company. Seeing all of the nuances and unexpected details that go into creating one of the most hidden components of the car was eye-opening. I could have stared at the engines all day noticing a new valve or gear and trying to figure it all out. Listening to the purr of the engine and exhaust system of a high end car all day would be a dream job. The sound testing rooms were eerie and a unique and an interesting part of the testing process most people would not think existed. Touring Faurecia and learning about the design and development process got me excited and motivated to be an engineer, and to tour the other companies later in the week.

The second half of the day was focused on learning about the history of Martin Luther in Augsburg since it is the 500th year anniversary of his 95 Thesis. I am not particularly interested in history, however I do enjoy looking at the architecture of the churches and imaging myself back in time. Lunch and dinner were both a shot in the dark. When you walk into a restaurant as a group of 13 Americans you never know what to expect, and even once you’ve sat down choosing an item off the menu is like finding a needle in a haystack. Except the needle feels like a blade of grass and you’re in the dark. Nevertheless, I found two needles today and I enjoyed a delicious meal for lunch and dinner. Tomorrow promises another company tour and nice weather so I’m excited to get some sleep and re-energize for the next adventure.

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