Day 2: First Full Day

Today brought another rainy day, but we didn’t let that keep us inside. Our first stop today was the University of Augsburg, where we met the German students we will be partnering with for our company project. Johannes, Matthias, and Kirena were very friendly and really knew their stuff. I’m looking forward to working with them more over the next two weeks!

We did our first presentation on our company, SGL Carbon, discussing the company’s size, history, products, and financial information. I was really surprised to learn that SGL is struggling financially, which will be interesting to further investigate in the coming weeks. I also learned the university’s stadium used to be called SGL Arena, but since their financial struggles, the arena has been renamed.

After the presentations, the fun part of the day began. We were split into teams and sent on a city-wide scavenger hunt, looking for information about Augsburg and its history. It was still pouring out, but we still had a ton of fun running around town, posing for silly pictures (with our program coordinator Brad), and getting a little bit lost. We often had to ask locals for directions, and on one occasion, after struggling through our rudimentary German for a solid two minutes, the man replied in near perfect English, “Try English, maybe.” It was pretty funny, and overall the locals were really friendly and helpful.

The scavenger hunt ended at Riegele Brauhaus,which is a favorite local brewery. We were able to try some non-alcoholic beer samples, and more importantly, sit down for a bit. We found out we won the scavenger hunt, and were rewarded a box of German candy as a reward!

Despite ruining my appetite with candy, we still went out to dinner together at Dragone, an Italian restaurant. I got a pizza with four different types of salami on it; it was absolutely delicious, but I couldn’t find room in my stomach to finish it.

Overall, Day 2 was incredibly fun, especially because we actually managed to get a good night’s sleep the night before. I feel like I can find my way around Augsburg now, and I am super excited to continue exploring the city in the next few weeks. Weather is supposed to be better tomorrow, so fingers crossed!

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