Development in Action

Day 2: Today we took another Vietnamese class, attended a lecture on Urban Planning and Development ate at a genuine sushi restaurant (the Tokyo Deli), and had a visit at the housing area around Phu My Hung. The visit to the Phu My Hung was very professional and well done. Phu My Hung is mostly based around creating property and the ideal city down in Saigon South. The developed city that we saw was much different than we have seen so far in Ho Chi Minh city. A lot of the architecture was much nicer and the buildings seemed to be much newer. This makes sense, as the lecturer on urban development did talk about how most of the buildings in Ho Chi Minh city did raise up in the last ten to fifteen years. Most of the architecture there was very modern and new, I won’t lie I wanted to, and did, take several pictures.

While this community does look very nice overall, I got the general vibe from looking at the place that the area is mostly suited towards the middle class, as many of the houses and apartments, while cheap in some aspects, can’t really allocate in price towards the slums and poorer areas of the city. The Phu My Hung area for houses however was absolutely beautiful. Trees and greenery was as far as the eye could see, lighting up the atmosphere. All of the houses, as well as many international schools, were up to date in the latest styles and decorations. While Phu My Hung may be very green looking, it always follows environment guidelines through sewage and waste water treatment. The area around Phu My Hung was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, and I hope one day to return.

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