Day 3 began very similarly to the last couple days, with breakfast at the hotel and several morning classes at UEF. Today’s classes were comprised of our usual language lesson and a lecture on the Mekong River Delta’s role in Vietnam’s culture. After the “school day” was over, we ate a quick lunch and headed two our second corporation visit, Glass Egg Digital Media. I was looking forward to this company the most because I was the one I had done research on previously, and it completely lived up to expectations.

Glass Egg is a company that specializes in creating objects and environments for video games. They mostly do outsourcing work for bigger companies such as Sony, EA, and Microsoft, and have had a hand in creating games like Need for Speed, Call of Duty, and Titanfall. Originally, Glass Egg specialized in only the creation of cars for games, because it is much more straight forward to create a car of specific make and model rather than to make a character that fits the mental vision of a client. However, moving forward, Glass Egg is looking to increase its already growing amount of work in the creation of environments for games rather than just cars, while simultaneously branching out into some character development and 2D concept art. According to the COO, Vietnam is the perfect location for the company due to cheap costs and high employee loyalty due to lack of competing firms. However, they have faced some challenges in breaking into foreign markets such as Japan and China due to difficulties with the language barrier and clients tending to overlook Vietnam when looking for outsourcing. The more I heard about the company, the more interested and impressed I was both by the company itself and the suave/engaging demeanor of the executives who we met with; I will certainly make a point to look out for Glass Egg games in the future.



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