05/11/2017 – Vung Tau

Today, I took a break from classroom learning and company visits and traveled to Vung Tau, a resort town on the coast of Vietnam. First, I visited a statue of Jesus at the top of a hill, which overlooked the ocean and the town. After this, I took a trip to a nearby resort and spent time relaxing on the beach and in the pool.

Vung Tau is, to some extent, different than Ho Chi Minh City. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the lack of traffic on the highway. The usual swarm of vehicles present in Ho Chi Minh City was nowhere to be found here. This is a great indicator that the town is much less busy than Ho Chi Minh City, and is a place where people visit or live when they want something quieter. The town also seemed to be catered to tourists in Vietnam. Shops were selling souvenirs at the bottom and top of the hill, most signs were translated into English, and the food I ate at the resort was more American than most things I have eaten so far here.

This was my first time spending a day at such a high-end resort. It was about what I had expected, and I enjoyed it immensely. The town itself was rather similar to a lot of other resort towns I have visited, in terms of the shops and general layout of the town. This was, while perhaps not for the most part immersive in Vietnamese culture or business, a great way to relax after a few days of classroom learning and company visits.



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