Day 6 – All along the Mekong

IMG_5404We spent our Saturday exploring the islands and channels of the Mekong Delta via boat.

On the first island, we saw how the Vietnamese coconut candies are made and even tried some fresh ones which were delicious. Then we embarked on a “Tuk-Tuk” tour of the island. The Tuk-Tuk consisted of a wagon attached to a motorcycle seating around 4-5. The rural town was rugged but also colorful and tropical, with lots of small farms and marshes dispersed throughout. We saw a sneak peak at everyday life in the Mekong Delta.

We next went to a restaurant or park type place where we ate a delicious lunch by the river which included fresh fish. The park had a little zoo with colorful birds, crocodiles, swimming snakes, and more! After our break we went on a smaller boat to explore the smaller water ways.

The next island had a more interesting history, as it was the site of the Coconut Religion and its featured the beautiful temple. On this island we also saw more crocodiles and had the chance to even try crocodile meat!

After the Coconut Island we went to another island known for its honey. We got to taste fresh honey from a bee hive, as well as try honey tea. The honey tea was amazing and I wish I had pollen so I could make it myself. The next activity included holding a python followed by an even smaller boat tour. The boat tour was very calming, and provided for some great photos. We ended our tour with fresh fruit and a traditional concert.

Despite all of our readings about how climate change and environmental destruction is destroying the Mekong Delta, the area appeared beautiful and thriving as the tour guides lead us around. On our tour we saw so many souvenir shops and many other tourists. It is clear that the tourism industry in the Mekong Delta is thriving and provides a living for many people, and it hurts to think about how they will be affected as the environmental damage continues.

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