Heutige Abenteuer: Munich

I have been looking forward to visiting Munich for so long that I was fully awake this morning. I enjoyed taking the regional train from Augsburg to Munich because I was just relaxing with my headphones in and staring at beautiful Germany outside my window. In Munich, we took a tour starting in Mary Square, “The Heart of Munich”, traveling to Market of the Rituals, “The Stomach of Munich”, and around the streets of the city looking at different important buildings like Town Hall, Old Peters Church, the Hofbrauhaus, and the National Opera House. There was lots of hustle and bustle in Munich, as a festival seemed to be occurring, but it nowhere near as hectic as New York City is, which is the city I visit the most (besides Pittsburgh). After the tour, we had some free time and chose to do a little souvenir shopping and climb a church tower that was 302 steps (I think). We also grabbed a bite to each in the “Stomach of Munich,” which was like a market for all different types of foods with a biergarten in the center. I indulged in a yummy bratwurst with mustard (because ketchup is gross) and a pretzel, of course! The market was packed as there was a biergarten in the center, but it was so much fun to walk through. Then, for dinner, we went to a burger place called “Hans I’m Gluck,” and I got this refreshing citrus juice and a chicken sandwich. Funny story, we almost missed the train back to Augsburg because dinner ran long. We were running down the streets of Munich to attempt to make it to the train station and catch out train. Luckily, we made it with a minute or two to spare! Overall, I had a great day in Munich. I was really disappointed that we didn’t have time to walk through the gigantic English Gardens, but there was too much to do and not nearly enough time. By the way, we have been having great weather so far, and it only drizzled a little today (enjoy my selfie with my umbrella below)!

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