Ger-many Differences Here


I woke up this morning excited and ready to take on Augsburg. Our first stop was at the University where I met my German group members. I was originally hesitant on how well we would be able to work together, but the entire presentation went very smoothly. We were able to all work together and share our ideas to get the job done. Everyone was able to say what they wanted and there was no language barrier. Through the process, I discovered I wish I spoke German. I am so impressed by how fluent all the German students are in English, especially since I took 6 years of Spanish and can only speak basic sentences. I am also very impressed with how nice they all are. After our presentations, we went on a scavenger hunt with German student tour guides around Augsburg to get better acquainted with city. Part of the scavenger hunt included asking locals for help and our tour guide, Tobias, would go up with us and help translate. It makes adjusting to a new environment a lot easier when you have people willing to help.

The most different thing between our Universities, besides the cost, is that Augsburg actually has good cafeteria food; Market stands no chance against Mensa. The food was not only edible but actually good! Today, I did know what I was eating especially at the Italian dinner, but I did learn that they call crepes, pancakes. A new thing that I did try today was non-alcoholic beer that we had at the Riegele beer garden, which we tried to fully experience the culture. It was a great day and I can’t wait to experience more.


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