Terra Cotta Warriors, Final day in Xi’an

Today was another phenomenal day and our last day in Xi’an. We started by taking a long bus ride to the outskirts if the city to visit the historic Terra Cotta warriors of the Qin dynasty. We learned so much about Chinese history form this amazing visit. The warriors were built to protect the tomb of China’s first emperor and the leader of the Qin dynasty. We learned that 75% of the entire government spending at that time was put toward building this tomb for the emperor. Emperor Qin was even so powerful that he was buried with over 700,000 people, all of whom were alive at the time that they were buried. There are about 8,000 warriors total, and the most impressive room showcased 6,000 of these warriors. The most amazing thing about these warriors to me is that each and every one of them has a unique expression on their face and unique lines on their hands. Just thinking about the work that went into building a tomb for one person is incredible. After we explored the site of the warriors, we made our way to the city wall of Xi’an. We climbed on top of the wall and rented bikes to ride along the top. In total, the wall is 8 miles long and very bumpy to ride on. It was a tiring and painful 8 miles on the bike, but it was well worth it to explore the different views of the city. After everyone finished their rides, we traveled to a restaurant near our hotel for dinner. The restaurant served food traditional to Xi’an and included delicious plates including fried fish and chicken. This was our last stop of the day. Time to rest up to head to Shanghai tomorrow.

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