Heutige Abenteuer: Neuschwanstein Castle

Today was the day we got to visit Neuschwanstein Castle, a castle this crazy king built to hide out in so he could avoid Munich. This king wasn’t too found of being king and did not want to rule. Therefore, he built a castle to run away to. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in both the castle and the tour. The castle itself was having construction done on one half of it, so that ruined any pictures we wanted to take form that angle. Then, the tour itself probably lasted 20 minutes (maybe I’m under exaggerating, I don’t really remember) and we only saw five rooms. So, it was basically a rip-off and a tease. But, the rooms we saw were very unique and amazing. We saw a ballroom, a bedroom, an elaborate, but unfinished room, and a cave. Yes, this guy built a cave with a waterfall in a room. He was also obsessed with swans and had them all over the castle in different forms of art. The castle was a little too gothic for me, but that was the style at the time. The hike up to the castle was bad. It was long and steep and I was trying not to step in horse droppings because some people took a horse and carriage to get to the top. Well, after the castle tour, we had to hike even farther to a bridge to get another view of the castle. I was heaving at that point, but that view was stunning and showed no construction, which made the pictures come out perfect. Despite the endless walking, I did have a fantastic morning and the weather was gorgeous. The sun was shining and I didn’t need a jacket for once! After the castle, we took a quick bus ride to a restaurant for lunch where I got an apple juice type drink, a meat and potatoes dish, and gelato, which was all very satisfying after all of that exercising and the boring hotel breakfast. After lunch, we stopped at a stunning church in the middle of somewhere (?), and I FINALLY managed to pick up some gifts for my sisters at the souvenir shops nearby. The church itself was filled with intricate artwork and left me speechless. Afterwards, I took a nice, and well needed, nap on the bus ride back and spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends.

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