Day 11: Shanghai: TE Connectivity Visit + DuPont Visit

Today was what I considered a laid back day for the business students but a very high point of interest day for the engineering students. Most sites were mainly R&D centers with very high tech labs and assembly lines. TE Connectivity is in charge of making electronic components for mostly smartphones. After one of TE Connectivity’s employees gave a briefing about the company, he gave us a tour of the labs/machine rooms. We were each given safety glasses but we really should’ve been given noise cancellation headphones- the machines gave off very loud noises. We first entered a molding machine room. There were little viewing windows to see what was going on inside the machines. We then followed the employee through a series of other rooms. One machine was making SIM cards for phones. There were a number of workers sitting at desks doing quality control and making sure the machines were running smoothly. We then walked back to the conference room where the speaker explained what we had just seen and then answered a few of our questions.

After lunch was our DuPont visit. DuPont is a chemical innovation company with a emphasis on polymers. Out of polymers they’ve made lightweight cars. softer carpets, clothes, phones, food, and even washable wallpaper. Apparently working for DuPont was one of Dr. Li’s aspirations! He joked that being inside the DuPont R&D center made his dreams come true. After a introduction to DuPont we were given a tour of the innovation center and laboratory. The innovation center displayed samples of physical products that DuPont had made. Towards the end of the innovation center was an ice cream machine that we all subtly crowded around. A few of us got ice cream but ended up missing the lab tour unfortunately because we were not allowed to bring food into the lab. We rendezvoused back in the conference room where they answered a few of our questions- even Dr. Li’s hard hitting ones!

TE Connectivity




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