Made in China

Today started as a relatively uneventful day. We hopped on our bus at 8 am and took a two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Yangshan port, the largest port in the world. We had a speaker talk to us about his career in logistics and in freight forwarding. He was very informative and intelligent, but it certainly did not help in making the bus ride any less boring. He seemed as though he prepared an entire lesson and he wanted to get through all of it, rather than keeping the discussion open and engaging.

As we neared the port, we crossed the second largest bridge in the world (35 km), which had me a little anxious. However, once we were over the bridge, we were surrounded by rocky islands and tons of shipping containers. The stacks of shipping containers stretched on toward the horizon with no end in sight. It was incredible to see. We took some nice pictures from the top of a cliff and then hopped back on the bus for a little over an hour, before arriving at a mall for lunch. This meal was okay—not the best, but certainly not bad. It was also the perfect portion this time, which made me feel good about not wasting the amount we often do. Once lunch was over, we finished the ride back to the hotel, where we arrived about another hour later. While the port was definitely cool to see, it seemed odd that we would spend 5 hours on a bus and only 30 minutes at the port.

Luckily, we were back to the hotel around 2:30, which left so much of the day free for us to do whatever we wanted. Jordan, Nilaani and I went to a market where I finished up all of my shopping for my time in China. I got a third Michael Kors piece, some gifts for my family, a new pair of sunglasses (unfortunately, mine broke today) and some scarves for myself. Overall, I was quite pleased with the items that I got and the prices that I paid.

To end the day’s shopping adventure, we went to a pizza and pasta place near our hotel. The pizza was decent and it was an interesting environment. At one point, an Owl City song was played (holy throwback), which made me laugh because the last time I had heard it was fifth grade! Tonight will probably be a relaxing one, as tomorrow is a day full of company visits and I have to start working on our business proposal project!

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