Heutige Abenteuer: Munich Again!

Today was our free day and a group of us chose to spend it in Munich again. We never got a chance to visit the English Gardens so that was the plan for the day. We started the morning off by getting breakfast at a place in Augsburg called “Picnic,” and I got a spectacular omelet and mango smoothie. Then, we headed over to the train and met up with one of our German friends named Matthias. Honestly, him deciding to join us was the best thing that could’ve happened, considering we had no idea how to navigate Munich and no one who spoke fluent German. We walked around Munich and the English Gardens for the entire day. One of the coolest places in the gardens was a river where people would have on surfing suits and boards and surf on the rapids caused by the rocks. Matthias was also in my group for the presentations and he surprised me and the other three American students in our group with shirts from the University of Augsburg. We gave them some Pittsburgh apparel and gifts the night before and it was so kind of them to surprise us with shirts from the University! The day flew by and the next thing I knew, it was time to head back to B&B. I bought some roasted almonds, which were amazing, in the train station on our way back from Munich and was honestly heartbroken thinking about flying home tomorrow. As much as I miss my family and friends back at home, I’m not ready to leave this beautiful country and the amazing friends I made (and go back to work). Below, enjoy a picture of the English Gardens, a river, the river where people surf, and a mass of people taking shelter from the rain in the gardens!

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