Du Pont and TE site visits

Today was our second to last day in China and was filled with two more company visits. First, we traveled to TE Connectivity’s Shanghai branch to learn about the operations of their company. Most of what they do and make deals with engineering principles that I was not too familiar with. We learned that TE makes many products to be included in smartphones and also various types of sensors. I also learned that TE in America is based in Harrisburg, only about 15 minutes from where I live in Hershey. After we learned about the operations of the company, we got to take a tour of the assembly floor for their products. Inside, there were many machines and robots doing their part to assemble products. Overall, the assembly floor was very impressive in that most of the work is being done by automated machines. After leaving TE Connectivity, we went to lunch where I got to eat ice cream for the first (and most likely last) time in China. Following lunch, we got back on the bus to travel to Du Pont’s Shanghai branch. Here, we learned about the many innovative and ground breaking products that Du Pont has made and is working on making. After we talked and asked questions to the Du Pont representative, we again got to take a tour of their labs. In the labs, we got to see many of their cool products including solar panels (which their Shanghai branch specializes in). Overall, we got to see many cool products throughout both visits and learned about the operations of two major companies today. Time to get ready for our last full day in China.

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