Visiting the Largest Port in the World

Today was a fairly short day but an interesting one nonetheless. As we boarded the bus, we were greeted by Mac Sullivan of Toll Global Forwarding. While making our way to the largest port in the world, Mr. Sullivan explained to us what he does for Toll and how it relates to what we are studying. We learned that Mr. Sullivan is somewhat of a third party for companies and manages shipments from the United States to China and vice versa. During the long ride, we found out the logistics of how shipments between these countries work. A lot of it has to do with the costs and time restraints associated with these mass shipments. When we got closer to the port, we traveled across the second longest bridge in the world. The bridge was a massive 35 kilometers or about 22 miles. I was a little wary to look out the window as we were on this bridge, as at some points we were too far to see any land. When we finally made it across the bridge, we arrived at Yangshan Deep Water port. When I first saw the port, I was surprised that I could be so impressed by something as seemingly common as shipments between countries. The port expanded for as far as I could see and boasted hundreds of thousands of crates being loaded onto ships. After seeing this, I was even more impressed by the logistics that Mr. Sullivan deals with on a daily basis. After exploring the area for a while, we made our way back to the bus and across the bridge to get lunch. Finally, we returned to the hotel and were given time to work on our final projects. I am looking forward to learning more in Shanghai tomorrow!

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