Day 2: The best blogs are written after the trip

The jet lag was still real this day, but we got to see the University of Augsburg for the first time. It is a very nice campus, and it feels and looks like those in the States except that the signs and classes are in German, of course. One thing I particularly liked was a piano sitting outside in the middle of campus, labeled “play me”– there were also a dozens scattered across the city, and were frequently being played. And the players were also a level near Mozart, so it was very pleasing to walk by and listen. 

We met with the German students, and threw together our company introduction presentations in an hour. After the presentations, we ate at their dining hall. There is no comparison to Market or the Perch, just none.

Following lunch was a scavenger hunt in the city; we were split into three groups, each led by University of Augsburg students who will study at Pitt next year. It was pouring rain, but we were able to explore the city further than our tour the day previous did. My team got last place, but we still were able to take lots of pictures.

blog 2

We also got some great views after climbing the 260 some steps of the Perlach tower:IMG_1127

The final destination of the hunt was a beer garden, where we stayed until walking to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Germany has quite a lot of Italian restaurants, but you won’t see me complaining.

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