We do Work Periodically

Today was a long day of company talks and presentation work. We started off by going to SGL- The Carbon Company. I originally was not looking forward to this site visit because I figured it was going to be a boring engineering focused trip. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually much more exciting than I thought. It was very interesting seeing and feeling all the products made with the carbon and learning about where all it is found.

Afterwards we went back to the university for a talk with an employee from BMW. The talk was mostly focused on autonomous cars and the future of them through the company. It was very interesting learning more about them especially since Pittsburgh is one of the few cities that has self driving Ubers. I could not be more excited for the tour of the company.

After both company talks, my group then got together to work on our project. We got a lot done, but I was exhausted. After a day full of work, a group of us went to dinner at Vapiano. It was a delicious Italian restaurant that was cafeteria-style. Overall, today was busy and informative, but not all days can be super exciting.



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