Company Visits and Ice Cream

I woke up early and went to the gym before showering and heading down to breakfast. After a delicious breakfast, the group took the bus to TE Connectivity.

Once we arrived at TE Connectivity, a man explained to us the engineering side of the company. After the presentation, we toured the plant. I don’t know anything about engineering, but it was kind of cool to see the different machines working together. Next, we drove to a mall to eat lunch.

This meal was so delicious! I enjoyed the rice as well as the greens. The biggest surprise was when the waitress brought out ice cream in a huge toast square! I really enjoyed this dish because I love ice cream.

After finishing up lunch, we headed to DuPont. We learned about the different areas DuPont does R&D in and the various products created. It was really cool for me to visit DuPont because my mom works for the company. My favorite part of the DuPont visit was the ice cream cones they gave us.

The group then came back to the hotel and my group worked on our group presentation. My group worked on the PowerPoint for our company we created called WeWash. It is a laundry service for People living in China.

After working on the group presentation, I went back up to the room to get ready for dinner. Jordan, Maddie, Nilaani, and I went to a dim sum restaurant. It took us over thirty minutes just to get a taxi. At least the food was delicious once we finally arrived. I ordered a pork and vegetable wonton soup.


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