Visiting the Largest Port in the World

After another delicious breakfast or eggs and ham, the group took a long bus ride to the Yangshan Port. The ride was over two hours long. The port was nothing like I expected. I was expecting there to be an area to walk around with restaurants. Although there were none of those things, it was surprisingly really cool. We learned that the Yangshan Port is the largest port in the world. There were huge cargo ships and thousands of crates at the port. The group took lots of pictures before getting back on to the bus and driving to lunch.

The drive to lunch was an hour and a half, so I was starving by the time we arrived. This was another lazy Susan style meal. I didn’t like this meal as much as the others we had been having in Shanghai. The food in China is way too oily for me, so I’m looking forward to eating my favorite foods when I get home.
We drove another hour back to the hotel. My group met to work on our final presentations before I went to the gym. The gym was very fancy and I also checked out the indoor tennis courts.

After the gym, I showered and got ready to go to dinner. Nilaani need to get money out of an ATM, but unfortunately, the ATM ate two of her cards. Luckily the hotel was able to work with her to solve the problem. Jordan, Nilaani, Maddie, and I then went out for pizza before dinner.

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