Yu Garden

I woke up early again and got a workout in before starting the day. Once I finished my run, I showered and went downstairs to breakfast. The watermelon and eggs were so delicious. Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day in China because I know the hotel has fresh foods I know I like.

Next, the group headed to the bus to go to the Yu Garden. This garden was much smaller than I thought, but it was still very pretty. I took lots of nice pictures of the garden and people in our group. Luckily we had tome ager walking around the garden to shop for souvenirs. I was able to get family and friends keychains and bracelets.

Once we were done shopping, our group headed back on the bus and arrived at the hotel. We were given free time to go get food before our group presentations. Before we got lunch, my group decided to meet and practice our presentation.

After working on the project, we were all starving. Nilaani, Kevin, Hayley, Candice, and I went back to the pizza restaurant. The pizza was honestly gross, but we were on a budget because we were low on yuan.

The group presentations all went well and every group had creative ideas to fill a gap in the Chinese market. After all of the groups presented, we headed to our last meal together. This was my new favorite meal of the trip!! The food served was Middle Eastern. Delicious meat, rice, vegetables, yogurt, and cake was served. I was so thankful for this last meal and the people I got to share these experiences with.

After returning to the hotel, I packed up my suitcase and bags. I’ve never been more ready to return to the US.

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