Day 9: Donghua University Visit

Today we visited Donghua University! I was really excited to be able to meet up with other university students again and also be able to hear another lecture.

When we first arrived, a guest speaker from Togo gave us a lecture about the e-commerce industry. It was nice to hear what he had to say, and how he believed the e-commerce industry would continue to evolve in the future.

After his presentation, we were greeted by some university students. Brian and I got partnered with a sophomore named Ava. Ava is studying Finance at Donghua University. She was so nice and welcoming towards us. She took us to the nicer cafeteria out of the two dining hall options to eat lunch, and she was even generous enough to let us choose whatever we wanted to eat! Their cafeteria food is known for being the best in Shanghai. We ate fish, shrimp, pineapple pork, rice, soup, and much more!! Although we insisted that we were full, she bought even more food for us. She was so kind. I also got to drink one of my favorite drinks called Xi Mi Lu — it’s basically a taro and coconut milk drink with small tapioca pearls.

Later on in the day, we did a traditional Chinese craft. It was really difficult to follow the instructions and halfway through, we kind of gave up. Still, I was able to talk to Ava more and get to know what her interests are. We bonded over liking the same Korean celebrities!

I’m really happy that we got to meet her. I added her on WeChat, and I hope that we will get the chance to meet again.

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