Day 8: Traveling to Shanghai

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready to depart for Shanghai. The Xi’an train station was very nice and not as crowded as the Beijing train station. It was also a lot cleaner.

During the six hour train ride, all I did was sleep. Because all I did was sleep, the time went by very quickly. For lunch, instead of getting a lunch box from the train, I ate my McDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich I had bought earlier at the train station. Chinese McDonald’s is very delicious. I was happy with my food choice.

When we arrived at the hotel, we didn’t have much time before we set off for the Shanghai History Museum. At this museum, there were many wax figures that depicted the history of Shanghai’s evolution. The wax figures looked so real, I wouldn’t have been surprised if one started to move. I really enjoyed the visit to this museum. I learned a lot about Shanghai’s development!

We ate dinner at a Sichuan style restaurant. This was probably one of my favorite meals. The food was slightly spicy, but still very good. The food was perfect… I couldn’t stop myself from eating the pork and tofu.

After dinner, we took a boat tour to see the skyline of the Pudong District. The boat was three stories, but it was still crowded with many older tourists. We ended up going to the top floor where it was open space. The view was spectacular. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in Shanghai, and it was all very surreal. We tried to take pictures, but the structure of the boat blocked us from getting a nice photo with the skyline. I hope to go back to The Bund to be able to get a picture with the skyline!

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