Final day in China

Today was our last day of an amazing experience in China. Our only planned activity for the day was to visit the historic Yu Gardens in shanghai. When we entered the garden, we got to see a lot of very impressive architecture and rock structures. The garden was very beautiful and peaceful as it was also filled with many trees, flowers, and ponds. In the ponds, there were many large coy fish and turtles. In Chinese culture, we learned that these turtles are a symbol for a long and prosperous life. After we finished our tour through the garden, we got about a half an hour of free time to explore the congested shopping streets around the garden where we got to exercise our bartering skills one final time. After we finished our last cultural visit of the trip, we returned to the hotel and were given more time to work on our final presentations. As everyone finished up their presentations, we made our way to a conference room to present our product ideas. It was extremely interesting to listen to how everyone applied the many things we learned in China to create in depth and successful products. Finally, after we all presented, we left the conference room and traveled to our farewell dinner. This dinner was likely the best meal of the trip as we were fed seemingly endless plates of various meats, vegetables, and rice. The farewell dinner was a perfect opportunity to reflect on our amazing trip and thank all pf the people involved in making it possible. This trip was one that I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to experience and one that I will not soon forget.

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