Day 11 – Presentations

Today was a low key day. My group (Me, Dan, Dalind, Krishna, Katarina, Elena, Kathrine) worked on our Hirschvogel presentation all day. Krishna and I were first to meet up with the German students… we met at the University at nine o’clock. Dan and Dalind joined soon after. Then we worked on the presentation until we went to mensa for lunch at 12:15. Mensa is so much better than dining hall at Pitt. Mensa is the bomb.

After mensa we went to the library to work on our project again. Students at the university are not allowed to bring their backpacks into the library which was weird to me. We worked on our project until three o’clock. Our presentations started at five. My group was unfortunately the last one to go. I do not particularly enjoy public speaking so presenting was not super fun for me but my team mates did well. Other than writing blogs, today was the last academic work we had to do while in Germany. After the presentations, I got dinner with Krishna and Katarina at a cute Italian place near the university. I like hanging out with them. After dinner, we went back to the hotel.

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