Day 12 – Ulm

Today we took the train to Ulm. Once we arrived, we climbed the Ulmer Münster, which our tour guide later told us was the tallest Christian chapel in the world. It was a good thing that we were there so early in the morning (9am) because there were not many people coming down when we were going up. This was good because the stairways were very narrow. The stairs also spiral the whole way up. Some came close to throwing up but no one did. After 768 steps up the tower, we were greeted by a gorgeous view of Ulm. We stayed at the top for a little while and later made our way back down.

After we all got back down from the tower, we met a tour guide and she showed us around Ulm. Ulm is an adorable little city. There were a lot of stereotypical German houses with timber framing. Also, a lot of houses had flowers and other assortments of plants on their balconies. Like I said. Adorable.

Our tour was about an hour long. We saw the town hall. We walked by a river and some boats. We saw the world’s most leaning hotel. She eventually dropped us off by our restaurant. Here we had what they call pancakes, which we all know and love as crepes. It was strange though. They had a bunch of savory crepes with meat and cheese and mushrooms in. I have only ever had sweet crepes. So, I ordered a savory crepe. After what felt like 5 years, the waitress came out with the food. I liked it but maybe only because I was so hungry. My side of the table also split two sweet crepes for dessert: an apple crepe and a banana and Nutella crepe. The banana and Nutella crepe was my favorite. Then we had some free time to walk around. Katie, Kate, Stephen, Matt, and I all went back to the river and walked around. Later, we all met up at the Münster and got on a train back to Augsburg.

We had free time from around 4pm until the goodbye dinner at 6pm. During this time, Katarina came over and hung out with me while I packed. We all left the hotel to get downtown by 6pm. We ate at a cute restaurant near the town hall. I had schnitzel, one of my favorite German foods. At the dinner, we gave gifts to the Germans. After the dinner, we hung out with them for one of the last times.

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