Day 10 – Neuschwanstein

We drove back to the Alps today which made me really happy because they are so cool. We visited Neuschwanstein, one of the many castles that King Ludwig II of Bavaria built. I wasn’t expecting a 30-minute uphill walk but it was good since we have eaten nothing but carbs since we’ve been here. Once we got to the castle, the view was really pretty. We took a tour of the castle, which ended up being quite short. Then we walked some more to get to a bridge where you can see the castle from the back. Gorgeous view.

After visiting the castle, we went to Füssen, a little town close to Neuschwanstein. There, we had lunch and free time. In our free time, we got gelato and walked about. It was a cute town, but, it was very touristy. After hanging out in Füssen, we went to a huge Bavarian church, Wieskirche. Here, there was a gorgeous view of large fields of farmland with the alps in the background.

When we got back to the hotel, my friend group and I went out to dinner. Brad and Dr.Feick recommended a place near our hotel. We had to walk on a path through a forest until we got to the restaurant. The restaurant was really cute and there were a surprising number of locals there for it being in the middle of a forest and a Tuesday. The cashiers did not speak English so I ordered something random off of the menu, which ended up being a salad. There were lights hung on the trees and once it got dark enough, they came on. It was super cute.

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