Day 10 – ImPORTant Visit

I woke up today feeling energized for the day ahead. We headed down for a wonderful meal and got on the bus, which was headed to the largest port in China. The drive to our destination was 2.5 hours long but we had a speaker talk for the first 45 minutes. He worked for the logistics of one of the companies at the port. We learned that he helps companies ship their goods out of the Shanghai port to other ports. He is the middle man that figures out how to get what to where. After he was done talking we all enjoyed the scenery on the way. Interestingly enough, we passed the Disneyland which recently opened up. Also, we took the longest bridge in the world which was over 30 kilometers long. We finally made it to the port and it is massive. Everywhere you looked there were hundreds of containers. We only stayed for about 30 minutes but we took many photos and observed the daily life of the port. Another interesting thing we learned is that the port was built in only 2 months because of the government, which would never happen in the U.S. After we left, most of us fell asleep on the bus until we arrived to the restaurant for lunch. Lunch was delicious and we finished it pretty quickly. We got on the bus and went back to the hotel. I worked on my project with my group and then rested a bit. Candice and I then went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I selected the chicken fajitas and Candice had a taco salad. I was absolutely filled after that amazing meal. We walked around for a bit heard some loud music. We walked towards it and found it was a roller blading arena. It looked like so much fun so we walked in. Unfortunately we had a language barrier issue but the workers there were super helpful. We decided we were too tired to roller blade today but we would maybe come back. Eventually made our way back to our room to sleep.

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