Day 9 – Knot Today

Today we had our university visit. I fell asleep last night before I could get ready so I rushed to shower, got ready, and headed down for breakfast. The breakfast was great as per usual. We all gathered, sat in our usual seats, and the bus ride wasn’t too long. When we arrived, we walked to one of their usual classrooms. One of the teachers there, gave a lecture regarding the growing e-commerce in China. He talked about some companies are starting to connect businesses to consumers and allow items to be delivered to the customer at an extremely low to nothing cost. After our talk, we were put into groups of 3, 2 Pitt students to one of the university students. Hanna was in my group and our student’s name was Windy. We introduced ourselves and then Windy gave us some popular Chinese candy that tasted similar to White Rabbit or whipped cream in tablet form. We talked about some of her interests and some of ours and what we were studying in school. She was studying to be an architect, which is pretty interesting. It was then time for lunch. Upon arrival to the cafeteria, I was instantly amazed. They had so many options and each one being delicious. I got hash browns and broccoli because I wasn’t too hungry but they were both absolutely delicious. Also in comparison to the Pitt dining hall, this place was luxurious. We then went on a campus tour. The dorms were separated by gender, which is somewhat different than the U.S. We also noticed the students must not have dryers because all of their clothes were on clotheslines out their window. Another thing we learned is that the students here had a curfew of 11 pm and then they are locked out, which is the same as the other university we visited. Then we returned to the classroom and had an activity to tie a Chinese knot. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be. To sum it up, we were all terrible at it and had to do an easier knot. After tying our knots and laughing about how terrible they were, we said our goodbyes to Windy and the other students. We walked into the bus and left ht university. As soon as we got back, I meant to take an hour nap but ended up sleeping for 4 hours. I woke up starving, so a few of us went down to the Pizza Hut and had one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

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