Day 11: Presentation Day

Today was the day we’ve been preparing for all week: company presentations day. We got to sleep in for a bit, and then our group got together and went to Mensa for brunch, which is the dining hall at the University of Augsburg. Then we met up with the German students in our group to work on our presentation. We got all of our notecards made, and then took a break to get ice cream. After a long break, we went to a different room to practice reciting our presentation. The presentations were supposed to be 20 minutes long, so split between seven people we each had about three minutes to speak. We tried to split it up so the engineering students got to talk about engineering topics, and likewise for the business students. 

Finally, five o’clock came around and the entire program gathered in a classroom to present. I’m not great with public speaking, but after a few hours of practice I felt confident about what I had to say. Our group, Faurecia was third to go, and after that the rest of the day went by very quickly. Everyones’ presentations came together very nicely and were enjoyable to watch. We even got thrown some difficult questions at the end to test our research. 

Once the presentations were finally over, a weight was lifted off our shoulders and we got to relax. Back at the hotel, we got ready for dinner at Mr. Onion and headed out for the night to hang out with our German friends.

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