Day 3 – Faurecia

Tuesday May 9, 2017


This morning we got up early to go to Faurecia, a French company that produces automobile parts. Because Faurecia is the company my team will present next Wednesday, so I made sure to take notes throughout the company visit. First we listened to a presentation about the company before going on a tour of the factory. We got to wear a lab coat and glasses, as well as protective shoes that kept falling off all of our feet. Most of the parts that Faurecia makes are made by robots which was cool to see because I’ve never been in a factory like that before.


After we went to Faurecia we went back to the city of Augsburg where we had an hour to wander around on our own before our next event. I ended up getting lunch and going to a local bakery before meeting back up with the group to go on a tour.


Our tour was a Lutheran Tour, and a woman took us around Augsburg showing us the different churches throughout the city. She taught us about the development of the Lutheran Church and its influences on Augsburg. After the tour we were free to have dinner on our own, so my friends and I went to the Capitol where we had dinner before going home for the night.


Tomorrow we are going to Hirschvogel and then hiking up a mountain!



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