Day 2 – University of Augsburg

Monday May 8, 2017


Today was our first day to the University of Augsburg! I got to meet my German teammates for the company I will be working on for the next two weeks, Faurecia. Each of the five teams had eight minutes to introduce their company to the rest of the students. After our presentations, we had lunch at the University of Augsburg’s dining hall, which was definitely better than Market at University of Pittsburgh.


After lunch, we took a short tour of the University of Augsburg before being split up into three groups for a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt took us through the city of Augsburg and we had to answer questions about the history of the city as well as take photos. The end of the scavenger hunt brought us to a restaurant where we spent our time waiting to go to dinner, as it was too rainy to walk around outside.


For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant where I had a Margherita pizza. After dinner we were done with the day and went to bed early for our next day at Faurecia!


Until Tomorrow!



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