Nighttime Cruise

Today started with another long train ride. It was about six hours long, and the train was very comfortable, just like the first trip. Once arriving in Shanghai, it became apparent that it is a much more modern city. We saw many skyscrapers and really interesting buildings on the bus ride to the hotel. This hotel is by far the nicest, being that the lobby looks incredible and the rooms are much larger than the other ones.

The first day in Shanghai was great. We first visited a museum which shows the history of the city. Shanghai is unique because has been very influenced by western culture. I really liked the museum because it was set up in such a way that you felt like you were in the time period of each exhibit. We then had dinner in a Sichuan style restaurant. We had many different dishes including sticky rice, chicken, frog, and ribs, which all had the common theme of being very spicy. I really enjoyed the dinner since spicy food is my favorite.

To end the night we took a cruise on the Huangpu river, and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We were able to see many different types of buildings in Shanghai, and all of them were lit up with different colored lights and signs. At some points it reminded us of Pittsburgh, being that we live near so many rivers, but there was a real contrast in the appearance. This reinforced the fact that Shanghai was a modern city, but it also showed me that things in cities on opposite sides of the world can be very similar.

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