Terracotta Warriors & City Wall

Today was the first day that it rained since we got to China. At first, it was kind of annoying because we needed to walk around outside, but it was actually good later on because it cooled the temperature down. We started by visiting the terra-cotta warriors. There are three pits that contain the warriors, and in total there are 6,000 of them. Unfortunately, most of them have been damaged, and only the first pit is mostly reconstructed. It is incredible that people were able to take thousands of pieces of terra-cotta and fit them together to reconstruct the soldiers they used to be. The sight was really incredible, and the level of detail was fascinating. Each of the soldiers has a different facial expression, and many of them have differences in their armor or clothing. Chemical reactions have removed all of the color from these statues, making them a pale beige color, but we got the chance to see one warrior which remains colored. This particular warrior was an archer, and the color made the statue even more incredible. After seeing this I was curious what it would look like to see the thousands of warriors all perfectly intact and colored as they used to be.

After a buffet lunch, we headed to the wall that surrounds Xi’an. This wall is in the shape of a square, is eight miles long, and completely incloses the inner part of the city. We rented bicycles and rode them the entire way around. This was great exercise, but also provided some great pictures of the city we would not have gotten otherwise. In fact, a group of us stopped to look around and take pictures so often that we were almost late getting on the bus to go to dinner.

The day ended with a traditional dinner of eight cold dishes followed by eight hot ones. It was a lot of food, and most of the dishes were ones we have not tried before. They were really delicious, especially this one type of bread that tasted like funnel cake. The amazing meal was provided by Dr. Li, so thanks again to him!

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