Day 11: Werking

(Get it?- Bayerische Motoren Werke!)

Today was the biggest work day on the trip. With our company analysis presentation at 5  pm, my team decided to meet at 9 am to organize our presentation and practice. We met the German students on our team at the university and settled down to work on the project. After about an hour cleaning up the PowerPoint, we did a few practice runs. When we finally got the time down to below 20 minutes (which was difficult, because we all had a lot to say) we went to lunch at Mensa. The food was amazing for the second time, and the main dish was some kind of salmon wrapped in pastry.  It definitely beat anything I have ever eaten at Market. 

After a few hours back at the hotel to change and practice on our own, we met back up at the university to do our presentation.  Luckily, we drew the second time slot, and were able to do our presentation before we were too tired.  I thought everyone’s went fairly well, and the question and answers that came after were tricky but interesting. I felt like I understood how some of the company visit presenters felt after our question and answer sessions.

However, as a whole I am glad we got to do a sort of ‘final project’ as part of the program.  It helped me to put all of the company visits in perspective and organize what I had learned throughout the last two weeks.  It definitely helped me to expand my knowledge about the business behind supply-chain management, and it was really fun to work with the German students as well. I’m looking forward to the last few days in Germany!

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