Plus3 Germany was the experience of a lifetime. When I look back on all the pros, I can think of reasons why I would definitely reccomend it to a friend. 

First of all, the program was well worth the price. The full cost included all airfare and train fare, company visits and cultural visits, and most of the meals. Along with this, it covered three credits for Pitt, which is very expensive in itself.

Another thing I liked about this program was the planning. Besides the 8 hour layover in the Newark airport, we very rarely had to do much waiting. All the travel went very smoothly and we never missed out on something because of timing.

Germany was not just educational but also really fun. Each day was jam packed with either company visits or cultural ventures, or both, and at night we still had time to explore Augsburg with Pitt students and German students. By the end of the trip I almost missed the feeling of being bored. I truly think Germany was the best option out of all the Plus3 programs. 

Overall, I had an amazing experience. I learned a lot about the automotive industry and German culture and history, and made lots of new friends (and even learned a little German!) I’ll definitely have to study abroad again, I’m already hooked. 

I’d like to thank Dr. Feick and Bradley Miner for everything. Prost!

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