Day 7- Bavaria’s Big City

Today was our trip to Munich.  This was especially interesting to me because I had learned so much about the city when I had taken German in high school.  The city was much larger than I had expected.  It seemed especially large after spending the last couple of days in Augsburg, a much smaller city. Even though Munich was much larger, I still found it easy to navigate.  We started our day off with a light breakfast at the hotel before we got on a train to go to Munich.  The trip took about an hour.  Upon arrival we walked to Marianplatz where we met our tour guide for the day.  This was also our first look at the old city of Munich.  I found the Glockenspiel to be the most interesting thing In Marianplatz.  It was a large elaborate clock located on the side of the town hall.  We came back later in the day to watch it play.  When the Glockenspiel played it told a story about the history of Munich through its motions.  Marienplatz was considered the heart of Munich.  Next, we headed to the stomach. This was an open market that consisted of meat, vegetable and cheese stands.  At the center of the market there was a beer garden.  This was just an area where people could eat some of the food they had purchased and enjoy a beer while they ate.  The tour then continued to go through many historical streets and squares scattered throughout Munich.  It ended at the Frauenkirche. This church is a symbol of Munich.

              After the tour we had a few hours to explore the city by ourselves.  Most of us started our free time by going to the top of the church tower where we got a good view of the entire city. The tower was  cool.  We could even see the Alps in the distance from certain spots at the top.  After this the group divided a little more.  I went with a few friends to the open market where we got some bratwurst for lunch.  After that we visited the Haufbrau House which is a famous restaurant and brewery in Bavaria.  We hung out there for a while and I bought a few souvenirs for friends and family members.  We then spent the rest of the day wondering between small shops in the city and just looking around.  I enjoyed my time in Munich and hope to visit again.SpinelloM22SpinelloM23SpinelloM24SpinelloM25

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