Day 9: Fast Cars and Steep Climbs

Today marked our last company visit, and we were definitely saving the best for last.

Our tour of BMW headquarters began with the BMW Welt, which features all of BMW’s latest cars and motorcycles. We were given twenty minutes to look and take pictures, and we definitely made good use of our time.

Afterwards, we went on a tour of BMW’s production line, starting with their machine shop and ending with finished cars. Everything was automatized through KUKA robots, from transport, to molding, even painting. Personally, I liked the painting process the best. The cars are dipped in chemicals, and then covered with several coats of paint, all applied with robots. The robots even use electro-statically charged paint to best distribute the spray! After all that, the paint is only a few millimeters thick. Pretty impressive.

We had plans to go to the BMW museum afterwards, but unfortunately we found out that it was closed. Instead, we went to the nearby Olympiapark, which hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics. The stadiums were massive, and we went to the top of the Olympic Tower, standing at 200 meters above the ground. Luckily, this time we didn’t have to take the stairs.

I have sneaking suspicion Brad needed us to kill some more time before the bus was scheduled to arrive, because he then challenged us to find a way to the top of a nearby hill. In full business casual, we all hiked our way across the lake and up the grassy hill for some even more incredible views.


And then the bus arrived, so we went home.

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