Day 12: Yu Graden

Today was our last day in Shanghai and our last day in China. To finish off our journey we visited the Yu Garden. The Yu Garden is a Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai. I did not hear too much about the history of the garden since I was in the back, however I did hear about a stone, I believe a Jade stone, was to be delivered to the Emperor as a gift. However, the ship that was delivering it sunk, along with the stone until recently the ship was discovered and the stone was returned to the Yu Garden.

Another fun fact was that the dragon, which I took a picture of, in the Yu Garden has one difference between it and the one at the Forbidden City. The difference being the one at the Yu Garden has three claws, while the one of the Forbidden City has five, a sign of power.

After the visit, we had time to work on our group project that was assigned to us; create a product that you would sell in China based off what we have learned after this trip. For my group, we came up with a docking station that would have a built in keyboard and projects the users phone onto a wall, creating a desktop experience.

After our presentation on that we had farewell dinner with the person who runs Asia institute. There they gave everyone a gift, a small scroll painting. Mine was two horses, one black and one white, running alongside one another.

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